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Creating Quality Content That Can Be Famous On Any Topic With CIP System

Content is king…he said. This statement is not true. Not all content is king. Only quality and weighted content is king. If you are a website owner, you must be aware of how important quality content is. Websites are successful because of their content, websites fail because of their content.

But the reality is actually abnormal…

Even though they already know that the quality of the content is number 1. In practice, only a few of them publish quality content. Usually the reason is lazy or don’t know how. If you belong to the latter, please read this guide.

With ID card method you will be able to create content that is of the best quality compared to other content. So that in return your website traffic will increase dramatically.

…don’t be confused with the expression ‘quality content’

I get emailed a lot by the readers about their low website traffic…in fact, he said the content created is of high quality. Then I take a peek at the contents. As it turned out, mediocre. Not too high quality.

This is what often happens, content creators, website owners and bloggers feel that their content is of high quality. Even though not yet. So I need to clarify my understanding.

Quality content NOT just:

    1. Original, no Copy and paste
    2. The length is __ words
    3. The grammar is not wrong

Originality and grammar are only the minimum standards for a published article. Not a determinant of quality or not.

Here’s quality content:

    • The weight is the highest compared to other content
    • Credible, there is a citation link to trusted data or facts
    • The presentation is not boring
    • Of value to the reader

‘Valuable’ what is meant here means that our content provides useful new information, or provides guidance that is able to solve the problem. That’s quality content.

Quality content is not only original, but content with the highest value

Very troublesome anyway ! It’s a hassle.

Creating quality content will take longer than regular content.

The difference is also quite outdated. General articles of up to 1000 words can be written in 1 hour. But if we want to create quality content, then the required time is many times more than that…because there is a research process.

But, here goes:

Content is an asset for a website.

If your content is cheap, then your website is also cheap. In seo and content marketing , those who are successful are those who publish quality content. Google will always prioritize quality content over other content. Therefore, it is the best content that wants to rank at the top.

Likewise with humans. No one wants to share boring content. Capricorn … it’s troublesome. But the results will be much better if you create 1 quality content rather than creating 10 cheap content.

1 piece of quality content is better than 10 pieces of cheap content

Let’s get started.

Preparation – Finding audience and influencers

OK, slowly…

Even though it is only preparation, if it is passed it will be fatal. This step only needs to be done once for each type of website. If you have done this before, please continue below.

First meaning:

audience are people who are actively looking for information on a topic, the audience of your content are those who are passionate about the topic. In other words, they are potential readers.

influencers i.e. people are strong on a topic, they are experts and they often share knowledge with others. Usually they are popular, have many followers. Then why are we looking for them?

    • To receive the right topic
    • As the purpose of promoting content
    • Obtain material/material for content And others.

There are many more functions, if you have read other posts on this website you will often find these two expressions used. So don’t skip this stage.

Here’s how:

Where is the area hang out online they?

If your topic is about automotive, where do automotive enthusiasts discuss online? If your topic is fitness, where do fitness enthusiasts discuss online?

The answer, search on community sites such as Facebook Group, Google+ Community, Kaskus, or other online forums.

What problems do they face?

As I mentioned earlier, quality content is informative content or content that offers solutions to problems. This is our main goal of looking for community sites. In the community usually members often ask something.

We can turn that question into content.

What similar content do they often read?

Besides looking for solutions to the problem, on community sites there are also many people who develop content.

Find out what content appeals to them. For Facebook and Google+ communities, the number of Likes and +1 can be a reference. This process is also very useful in the process of determining content topics.

Who are the ‘idol’ members in the community?

Every active community has several people who often answer other members’ questions, these people will become ‘idols’ in the community. They are one of the influencers. Make a note of who these people are and their contacts and website (if applicable).

The CIP method for creating quality content

Quality content is definitely worth it. The problem is, if we are not one expert on a topic…it can be very difficult to create high-quality content. That’s why we use the CIP system.

This method is the easiest way you can do to prepare, compile, and promote quality content.

Not just making…We will guarantee that this content will be popular.

In short, there are 3 main things we want to do:

    1. C collect the best content
    2. I increase the material
    3. Promote to the perfect person

Let’s go to the first stage.

1. Collect the best content on a topic

When you have obtained the topic of the content, you will realize that on the internet there must already be other content on the same topic. This is natural, not a dilemma.

Precisely if there is no other content, the topic must be questioned…is anyone interested or not? Remember, with the CIP  system we will create the best content. For that, we need to know how beautiful other people’s published content is. Then we make a better one.

Suppose you want to create discourse content ‘ how to swim ‘, collect as much of the best content as possible that discusses swimming guides. There are several tools and media that can be used:

    1. BuzzSumo : This tool is useful for finding the most popular articles from the keywords we enter.
    2. Topsy : search for the most popular tweets from Twitter with certain keywords
    3. Forums: to search for content in forums with certain keywords via Google, use “keyword institution” without quotation marks and replace keywords with your topic.
    4. Social bookmarking: use or VivaLog for Indonesian and Reddit for English
    5. Google: instead of looking for institutions, use Google also to directly search for articles.

To make it easier to identify, here’s an example:

By using Google, we will be notified of related derivative topics. It’s a good idea to also look for content in this derivative topic. Visit the links one by one.

Write down all the best content that you get in Excel or notepad along with the important points. Then Check the advantages and disadvantages of each content.

2. Improve the content material

The logic is this: If a topic already has quite a few good quality posts, will people read the lower quality posts? For example article 1 discusses ABCD, post 2 discusses ABC. Is it possible for article 2 to overtake post 1 in popularity?

Definitely not.

This is why ALL content that you write and publish from now on must be better than all existing content. With the CIP procedure, the process becomes easier. Because earlier we have analyzed the content of our competitors.

In order to get better, here are some things you can do:

Add content to make it more complete

Careful… Adding content is not just adding pen strokes. This is the implementation pattern wrong :

There’s someone else’s post called “5 tips to lose weight”, and then you create a post that also contains 5 tips…only the explanation is longer.

This is wrong.

Although it is true that the contents are more complete, the points are the same.

This means that there are no new issues. Take a look at the spreadsheet image from the other content analysis results. We have noted down the key points in the analyzed articles.

In the 5 posts above, there is talk about mindset, basic movement, breathing, to benefits. But no one addresses everything at once.

This is what we do…Create a super complete post that talks about it all, from start to finish. Coupled with what has not been discussed at all.

Update expired

This is especially for mentoring content. For example a Photoshop guidance post, the reason is the appearance of the version and the current appearance with the previous different you can make a tutorial with a newer model.

If you find a guide article on the first page of Google, usually these keywords have very easy competition.

Google doesn’t really know if an article has expired, but people do know…and the reason is that website rankings on Google are influenced by human interaction, so posts with expired content will always be outdone by articles that are outdated. up to date .

Use images (or video and audio)

It seems trivial, but this can be a very decisive aspect. According to QuickSprout , content with images will be viewed more often than content without images. The difference is up to 94%.

image effect


Not just any picture of course.…the images used should facilitate the process of explaining. In addition, by using ‘beautiful’ images, people who read it will be more likely to share your content. So even if the content is in the form of an article, it must contain images.

Apart from just pictures, you can also make infographics. It can also be with video or audio.

Use  a better language style and formatting

Many people (especially Indonesians) are hesitant to write long posts. The reason is quite ridiculous: Indonesian people’s interest in reading is low. That is, they are afraid that the reader will run away before they have finished reading. Though this is not the fault of his interest in reading.

If other people are not interested in reading, they will not read your post at all from the start. Even if it’s short. The fault is the author. Not because of low interest in reading, but because the writer can’t make interesting reading.

    1. Make sure the content is more complete than other content
    2. Use newer information
    3. Use relatable and beautiful images
    4. Make sure the format is easier to enjoy

Based on analysis of other content from the spreadsheet above, here is an outline of the new content about “how to swim” that will be created.

The popularity of content is not obtained by chance…with a framework like this, I can guarantee that this content will become well-known and gradually rank 1 on Google.

3. Promote to the perfect person

There are 2 main mistakes someone makes after finally publishing content:

    1. Not promoted at all
    2. Promoted to people who are not passionate about the content

Believe not sure , there are also people who actually suggest not to promote content…I don’t know what the reason is, but that’s wrong.

Promotion is more important than execution. Let’s imagine, on the internet every day there are at least 1.5 million new articles published. Don’t expect anyone to be able to read it if we don’t promote it.

Even though it has been hard to create content. If you follow the tutorial above, at least 1 content should be made in 3 hours. It’s useless, it’s been a struggle for 3 hours but no one reads.

One more…

In special offers pay attention to the people we want to target. Promotion must be perfectly targeted. Don’t promote posts about how to swim to people who don’t need a swimming guide. It’s strange, but many do like this.

Here’s a perfect promotional way to target.

Go to the community site

Do you remember earlier we were looking for communities such as online institutions, groups on social media, question-and-answer sites, etc.? We will still use these sites.

Lots of people on the community site wanted a solution like this. Interestingly, it’s rare for a community member to be able to offer a satisfactory answer. Then this is our chance to help them while promoting. While helping others, we can advertise content.

Remember: don’t spam.

Follow law 4:1 in special offers.

This means that after 4x helping others (without posting links) then we can advertise content 1x. This is especially if you are not yet known. Community sites have moderators, the more active the community, the more vicious the moderators are. If you spam just once, immediately kicked.

The article you are promoting must also offer benefits. Don’t let the articles you are promoting have nothing to do with the community.

Since you already have the best content with this CIP procedure, chances are they will be kind enough to help promote your website if asked. If you don’t get a response, that’s it. With one share from those who have many followers, you will immediately be flooded with audiences.

Based on experience, there are a few tricks you can do to increase the likelihood that they will help advertise your content:

    • Mention their name in the content
    • Post a link to their website (if any)
    • Promote their own content first

I will discuss this further in the link below this article.

contact linkers and sharers

Linkers are people who can place links to other websites. During our research we have found at least 5 other contents, right? This content is most likely popular content, meaning that it has received backlinks from other website owners…or linkers.

This is what fascinates:

If someone has already advertised content, they will most likely want it when we ask them to advertise similar content. Makes sense right? Now, copy one of the content that you collected earlier.

Paste in OpenSiteExplorer (or Ahrefs ).

These are linkers who have advertised similar content to you. there is one more, sharers . People who share content on social media. Because linkers are not always there and are usually few in number, it’s a good idea to look for these sharers as well. The method is like, the difference is the tool we use BuzzSumo .

After entering the link you saved earlier, click ‘View Sharers’.

Those are some ways to promote effective content for content formed with the CIP system. There are many more content advertising techniques, and this article can’t quite fit them all.

What content do you want to create?

That’s the CIP system for creating quality content easily. If you create content in this way, the results are guaranteed not to disappoint. Now it’s my turn to ask… Are you going to use the KTP procedure? If so, what kind of content do you want to create? Please write the answer in the comments below.

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