Evaluation of Competition To Find Out The Difficulty Level Of Keywords In Seo

Large websites are generally not concerned with keyword competition. But for new websites, this is mandatory. This reason is: New websites that are under 3-6 months old usually won’t be able to get high rankings when competing with websites that are over that age. Because Google is not sure about us yet. That’s why we […]

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website structure

Techniques for Building a Powerful Web Site Structure with Internal Links

Internal links have the same effect as external links (backlinks). The difference is, the website owner can control 100% of the amount, location and structure. Building internal links means building a website structure. And to build a strong structure, it’s not enough to just rely on ‘related posts’ and links in the navigation menu. There […]

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4 Search Intents You Must Understand To Be Able To Determine The Value Of A Keyword

So far, we assess all the keywords the same……only as a “word”. This is not the case. We must assess the keyword according to intents from the seeker. Not all keywords have the same value. There are keywords that many people are looking for, but are completely useless. There are also keywords that have little […]

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Stages of Finding the Right Keywords Using Google’s Keyword Planner and Other Tools

We want our website to rank 1 on Google. But not for just any keyword. Not only to get visitors…But hopefully we get the perfect visitor target. Those who are willing to shop and use the products/services we offer. For that, you must understand how to find the perfect keyword. I emphasize again … the […]

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