Building an Online Business for the Long Term

I think right now most Indonesians who are getting into the world of online business by creating monetized blogs generally only see this work as a side. That’s why there are still many who create blogs and then optimize them using unethical techniques, hoping for instant results without caring about penalties. If you have been hit by a penalty, create a new blog again, so many times until you get bored.

Even though by taking a different approach, this online business can be used as a long-term main business with income equal to or exceeding traditional business.


There are 2 things that underlie why I wrote this post.

First, the reason that some people call me from the page contact regarding black hat SEO techniques. Second, in several institutions and social networking communities, many promote and ask about black hat techniques.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m also a black hat lover… used to be. In the short term, this black hat technique does seem tempting.

Raise the ranking faster than the usual procedure then if it is ranked 1 collect as much money as possible before this website is penalized in 1-3 months.

Although I won’t give you the numbers, I’ve also experienced great earning numbers using black techniques. But that was then.

Now that I make 80-90% of my income online, I can’t keep chasing Google. If you keep on channeling only using techniques that violate and are not guaranteed, even though today they are still able to create, right then and there tomorrow my income can immediately drop to zero.

Plus because the point is violating, definitely unable to calm down. Every day is filled with fear, ” did you get a penalty today? “. No matter how closed the black hat technique is, one day it will definitely be caught. Certain.

If you want to build an online business as your main business, you definitely don’t want to have that feeling every day. Therefore, in this post I want to explain the importance of building a long-term online business and how.

Don’t focus on money, but..

The main reason we use black hat techniques is definitely the reason we want money. Lots of prospective tricks for instant income via the internet. Tricks like this usually use black or dust-powder techniques. The black technique is capable of dying at any moment. If that’s the case, all that’s left is a pile of money with no value.

If you have been contaminated with black techniques, even if you have a lot of money, it is difficult to return to the white path.

So, don’t concentrate on the value of the income you get. Focus on building an actual reputation. Whatever the form of online business, the main thing is to build a reputation. Once you gain a good reputation in the eyes of others, making money and building a business becomes easier.

To build a reputation, of course you can no longer use unethical methods. But don’t worry, white hat SEO is now much easier and more prospective than before.

Online business concept for long term

Any type of online business – Blogging, affiliate, CPA, creating products, making software/apps, building startups, online stores, or other online businesses What you have to do is get “consumers”.

In blogging and affiliate marketing, “subscribers” mean people who regularly read your blog and people who register their emails on your list. Read more posts topic about the importance of list building , for more reference.

For product sellers and online stores, “customer” means people who buy from you and register their email. It’s not at all impossible to build an online business that doesn’t use black techniques.

Just look at Pat Flynn of SmartPassiveIncome creating almost $1 million online during 2014 .

Another example is Matthew Woodward who created $35,000 in December 2014 from 1 blog without building backlinks .

Traffic sources

Traffic is like the soul of an online business. The more targeted traffic, the better. One of the biggest sources of traffic is search engines. That’s why it’s no wonder the black hat SEO technique is very popular because it is able to bring a lot of traffic quickly.

But with a technique like that, your traffic source will not last long because the risk of getting a penalty is very large. Coupled with Google’s algorithm which is updated constantly.

The main source of traffic is still search engines, but to be safe and durable you have to apply SEO techniques that are 100% harmless aka white hat. Don’t worry, white hat techniques are not as difficult as black hat, besides that they are much better for business.

For various types of websites, social media can be the main source of traffic besides search engines. New websites should also use social media as much as possible.

The third source of traffic is email. Email marketing is the best way profitable in bringing traffic to all kinds of online business.


Because we build a reputation, so our monetization techniques must also be ethical so as not to destroy reputation.

The best way to earn income is to create your own product. These products can be in any form from ebooks or training videos or more complex ones like software or apps. Making a good product will further your own reputation.

But because creating a product requires more effort, many choose to advertise and affiliate products. There’s nothing wrong either. If you choose to use advertisements, do not place advertisements in places that disturb the comfort of visitors. Meanwhile, if you sell affiliate products, don’t overdo it.

back to you

From this post, I really want Indonesian online businesses, especially new ones, to focus on long-term results rather than instant results that don’t last long. The goal is that online businesses in our country are even more upgraded. But of course there are opinions like this that disagree, especially from people who are still learning black hat techniques. So from that decision I returned again to you.

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